eat here: pok pok

The wait is long, but the tablecloths are cute.  Oh, and the food is delicious.  Pok Pok is definitely on the pricier side (for such a casual place) but it's still worth it.  The hilariously happy drunk couple from out of town next to us sealed the deal.  The wings lived up to the hype, and I guess I can understand why they needed to open an entire bar down a block (Whisky Soda Lounge) to hold those waiting for a table, because BOY WAS THAT PORK BELLY AND SHOULDER CURRY GOOOOOOD.  It was a lovely way to spend our Valentine's Day evening after a lovely morning in and a rehearsal for our Once Upon a Weekend debut. See above picture for me in my usual pose--stuffing my face with food.  At least I look fancy.

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