"hey babe, i'm going to spin"

When I first heard that Ted was going to "spin," I was taken aback.  I pictured him pedaling alongside really enthusiastic gym-goers. When he clarified that he meant the laundromat Spin, everything made a little more sense.  After a couple of visits, he was hooked.  And let me tell you, Ted is a man who loves his laundry, and does not take it lightly.  So if he approves, it must be great.  It was!  Last night he took me there for a laundry date, and it was clear why he is smitten.  As a design nerd, I was in heaven.  Just look at these details!  And did I mention there is a cafe/bar?  THERE IS.  Delicious sandwiches and pastries, and drinks of all kinds! We will definitely be going back for a--practical!--date again soon. Thank you, Portland for making laundry so cute.

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Dillon said...

They serve alcohol?! I would wash my clothes all the time if were you.