photo diary: tokyo day one

Battling jet lag, we headed out on our first day in Tokyo with our clear umbrellas, which we later found out were the status-quo around the city. Coming from Portland, the land of umbrella-shaming, we were quite surprised and very pleased. Stores even had little disposable umbrella sleeves for ya!

We searched for and found the sweetest coffee shop Kayaba Coffee. I'm a sucker for cute coffee shops, and this one was a winner. We even chose to make a trip back our last morning because we loved it so much. I kind of lost it over the tiny milk steamer that held the receipt... Inspiration was everwhere!

Despite the rain and the multiple random Tuesday closures (I guess it was some kind of holiday?), we managed to make the most of our first day wandering somewhat aimlessly around the busy and overstimulating city of Tokyo. We ended up seeing some kabuki theatre and chatting up an old couple who were as cultured as we hope to someday be.

Itoya happened. Oh, it HAPPENED. I bought $50 worth of stationary within the 1 hour we spent exploring the 8 stories. Oh the damage I could have done with more time! Definitely a highlight for my paper-loving heart.

Lastly, we landed in an hour and a half hour long line for the best ramen and dipping noodle experience of our lives. We were so delirious and tired, but it was worth it, completely. The environment was calming, intimate, and well, we got to eat the most delicious noodles... Heavenly. I'll be dreaming of Kagari for years to come. The perfect way to end our first day in the bonkers city of Tokyo.

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