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In a few days, I am going to embark on the second half of my first year of college.  After reading Melanie's list of lessons learned, I thought I would create my own, because that's what college is all about after all!

Going to college gives you a lot of room (figuratively speaking--dorm rooms are tiny) to discover things about yourself and the kind of person you want to become.  I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to go to school in Portland, because as far as I am concerned, it is one of the most creative, thriving, beautiful, outright weirdest city ever to live in.

Things I've learned from my experiences:
  • Netflix Instant can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  
  • Coffee is beautiful.  Half coffee/half chocolate milk is a must in the Bon when you need a pick-me-up.
  • Napping is a necessary pastime.
  • The paper WILL get written, so there's no need to stress out about it.
  • Sloth colonies exist, but you need a permit.
  • It's acceptable to bring a sloth dressed in a girl's pink onesie and bow to a tea place.
  • Bubble tea is delicious.
  • Finding a job on campus is easier than you think.
  • I have a LOT to learn about the theatre world.
  • Ragging costumes takes hours and may result in injuries from seam rippers.
  • Sometimes you need to construct a squirrel cape for a show.
  • Baked goods will cheer up yourself, friends, and strangers.
  • Laundry detergent is EXPENSIVE.
  • Grocery shopping holds way too many opportunities to spend all your money on food.  Don't go unless you need something specific or have a list.
  • Leaving the wikipedia page for "Procrastination" up on your web browser is a good way to remind yourself that you have business to take care of.
  • College is a lot of reading.
  • Explore the neighborhoods of Portland every weekend, or at least find a coffee place to study at downtown so you don't go crazy being on campus all the time.
  • Although...sometimes it's better to lock yourself in your room than find somewhere cool to study.
  • Make sure to find the things that are vital to your existence (macarons).
  • Making new friends can be rough.
  • ALWAYS watch Glee with fellow Gleeks on Tuesday nights.  (New Girl, too.)
  • If you find a boy who loves baking and Harry Potter and has a beard, make him your boyfriend ASAP.
  • Go to school events.
  • Care packages brighten your day, your week, pretty much your whole month.
  • Find at least one person you can spill your guts out to when you're homesick or overwhelmed.
  • Cover your walls with photos, cards, and memories that you accumulate.  
  • Mullets are back.  You heard it here first.  (And no, I do not condone this trend.)
  • People can surprise you, in good ways and in bad ways.
  • Sour Patch Kids are GREAT late night brain food.  No regrets.
  • Stay connected with friends and family and blog often so you stay sane.
  • Stay warm with copious amounts of blankets, sweaters, and scarves.  And bearded boyfriends.
  • The rainy weather can effect your mood pretty poorly, so be sure to soak up the sun when it's out and stay positive when it won't resurface for days.
  • Sometimes the best burgers are little.
  • Smile at everyone, because you will see them at least three times a day walking around campus.
And so, so much more.  It's about time to go back to learn some more...


Bookish.Spazz said...

Lovely list!

It makes me excited for college!

Ted said...

I loved everything about this list. Number 5 made me laugh very loudly.

▲my• said...

Bubble Tea is FANTASTIC. I only know of one place to get it here in Phoenix, and I try to go once every few months AT LEAST to satisfy my cravings.