first macarons of 2012

This afternoon I decided to make some macarons.  It's been a while, seeing as I've been at college, so I was a bit rusty.  They didn't turn out perfect, but they still tasted delicious, especially filled with whipped cream and raspberries.

I was hoping to make them pink, but decided to go with the green paste instead (the red was the wrong consistency).  I didn't think about how Christmas-y they would turn out with the raspberries!  

For a first attempt of the year, I'd say I did alright.  If success was measured with how many I ate, then I did brilliantly.


Erin Regan said...

Those look so beautiful and delicious! I am impressed.

g...janee said...


Nicola said...

mega amazing.
i always try and make them, and they go wrong.
so looking forward to going to paris in a couple of weeks, then i can just buy them. hehe. :)

Ted said...

omnomnomnomnom :)