two thousand and twelve

On New Years Eve, Rachel, Dahlya, Erin, and I drove to California to stay at Ted's house.

After we settled in, Ted drove us to LA to check out Whimsic Alley.  It.  Was.  MAGICAL.

Why yes, they DID have a Great Hall.  Be right back, gonna go book every party I ever have here.

To celebrate the New Year, we had a dance party in the fog (and probably made Ted think we are lunatics), ate delicious homemade latkes that Ted made, watched the ball drop, and then set off fireworks in front of his house.  It was lovely!

To kick off the new year right, we spent the first day of the year at happiest place on earth--Disneyland!  

Everything was decked out for Christmas.  Yay!

Yep, I got soaked on Splash mountain.
It's A Small World was beautiful, sparkling, and inspiring!  I loved it.  Good fortune even allowed us to be in line just in time to have the perfect view of the parade going on right next to it.

As if that wasn't enough, we crossed the bridge to the front of the castle just in time to see a light show on it.  Sparkles and more sparkles!  So lovely.

After getting soup bread bowls and doing another round of Indiana Jones, we saw the firework show and Fantasmic, which was FANTASTICMAGICALAWESOME.  It made all of us incredibly happy.

Alas, we were pretty exhausted at this point.  Since Ted was still going on rides with his two friends, I left Rachel, Dahlya, and Erin in the little museum near the entrance to go meet him to get his house key.  As I set off on my way down Main Street, the most wonderful thing happened.  I was in the process of putting on Ted's cardigan (which he had lent to Rachel earlier) and talking to him on the phone when I heard someone say, "Mickey!" I turned around and Mickey was RIGHT THERE, going in for a hug.  Surprised and flustered, I hugged him back and he gave me a kiss on the cheek.  I yelled, I LOVE YOU MICKEY as he turned to run away and promptly disappear behind a door.  I exclaimed, MICKEY JUST KISSED ME!  HE JUST KISSED ME! into the phone which I had forgotten about.  My year is already made. 

Happy New Year, everyone!  It's going to be our best yet!

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