photo diary: grand canyon

Ted had never seen the Grand Canyon, so like a good Arizonan, I gave him the grand tour around the south rim, but not before exploring the parking lot extensively for a spot.  We took our time hiking and enjoying the views of the canyon (but not of the parking lot as we tried to find the parking spot again, at the end of the day).

As we started to leave, Ted decided he wanted to go back to our spot on Airport Road to watch the sunset.  So we raced against the clock (in the safest way--I'm a very cautious passenger) to beat the sunset.  We put off dinner to do so, so we cracked open a bag of Pop Chips and finished our cooler fruit on the way to Sedona.

After enjoying the sunset just in time (although not at our favorite spot, because the parking was full) at the top of Airport Road, we went to Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen for a laid-back dinner date.  What's better than enjoying late night gourmet pizza outside with your loved one?  We split the Free-Range Chicken Pesto, which we loved.  We were tickled that the menu said, "As a complimentary investment to your health, add arugula to any pizza at no charge." Too good.  It was a great day, made even greater by a warm pizza with one of my favorite people.

Photos taken by Ted.


Maggie Shirley said...


Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, it's so gorgeous. I WANT TO GO THERE.

lina said...

i remember that the grand canyon looks surreal. it's crazy! you two are adorable by the way : )

Lizzie said...

This is one place I have to see ASAP! Beyond GORGEous. (My attempt to be punny.)

Plus that pizza...mmmm hmmm.