photo diary: sedona & flagstaff

Ted and I took a small road trip while he was visiting me--hopefully the first of many.  We got up early, packed the car, got some Starbucks, and hit the road to Sedona.  We may have taken our time...  Yep, we're those kind of road trippers.  It was fun being spontaneous throughout the trip--I'm very lucky that Ted's more laid-back nature compliments my excessive planning.  We got to Sedona in time to get some sightseeing in before finding a lovely bench to eat our leftover tacos and bean dip (the best bean dip) from my dad's epic birthday bash.

Our favorite place we found in Sedona was on Airport Road.  There were some red rocks on the side of the road that you could climb to see a beautiful view overlooking Sedona.  We had a blast Oak Creek Canyon, wandering through the trees and along the creek, amongst the numerous towering vortex rocks.  There was action, adventure, romance, and even danger.  Yep, Ted saved me from a snake.  It was epic.  Sure, the snake was probably completely harmless, but hey, it was pretty cool.

Finally, we drove to Flagstaff to walk around the shops and grab some dinner at Beaver Street Brewery--we had the Beaver Street Burger and Rustic Portabello, both solid as usual (this place is a family favorite).

PS I will be blogging about the prior and following days to the road trip in a combined "Mesa" post.  Excitement, I know!

Photos taken by Ted.

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L. said...

Your photo's are amazing. So jealous of your road trip. It looked amazing and the weather ideal. However I'm not going to lie about how hungry the pictures of those burgers have made me.