10 things that make me happy

Tryon.  I loved walking (or attempting to jog) through this state park nearby this summer.  Hopefully I can find some dry days to enjoy it this semester.  I also went to a jazzy concert there alone one beautiful night.  I stared at the adorable westie named Gretel in front of me the entire time and soaked up the good company of middle aged Portlanders.

Claire's visit.  It was magical.  We had so much fun just hanging out, watching Hercules, HIMYM, making lasagna, and hitting our favorites--Tea Chai Te and Little Big Burger.  I miss her already!

Treatin yo'self.  Salt & Straw ice cream during the Bachelorette finale (I know, forever ago--I'm behind on blogging) and Jade Bistro dinner after browsing Sellwood one lovely summer day.

Sex & the City.  'Nuff said.

Portland Art Museum.  I looked at everything, but the most hoppin' place in the building was the Cyclepedia exhibit.  Portlanders like their bikes.  A lot.

My assistant costume design internship.  We pulled some stuff, but mostly went shopping multiple times.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.  I'm so excited for the show.

Reading for FUN.  Recently I've read Quiet, The Age of Miracles, and Looking for Alaska.

Savory pastry.  Obviously.  Claire, Kenzie, and I explored Alberta in the rain after a little Vintage by the Pound and Petite Provence love.  It was quite lovely.

Seattle road trip with Ted. I will post pictures soon!

Fall approaching.  Ted and I went to Safeway today and when we left, we saw this fluffy black dog near the tiny pumpkins, firewood, and pouring rain.  It was almost too much for me to handle.  I was so overwhelmed with happiness.

It's been pouring all day, the fall boots and cardigans have been broken out, and now I must finish some reading for my one class tomorrow morning.  Life is good.  Especially when there are tiny pumpkins.


Dillon said...

These are great!
Can't wait to see photos of your trip to Seattle, I miss that place.
All of your posts involving food make me want to hop on a plane to Portland just to eat at all the restaurants you go to. That savory pastry? *drools*

Violet said...

That last picture was adorable! So jealous of the rain.

Natalie said...

That looks like such a wonderful place for running! Yes, of course, my comment starts out relating to running. Pear & blue cheese ice cream sounds interesting, but I bet it would be a good combination. So much yummy food in this post. It's great. And also terrible since my dining hall is a terrible place.