because it's monday and i'm already burnt out

Design projects are so vague.  I am doing a thematic collage for the play The Seagull (a really cheerful play, I might add) and finding images is really tough.  One of my "themes" is "seeking success"...  It's really hard to convey that abstractly.  Really. Hard.  I should just go the literal route and print out a giant picture of me at this very moment, in PJs, under a knit blanket, trying to put meaning into pictures of unfinished bridges, hands, and obstructed sky.  Yep, this adorable dog came up when searching "obstruction" on Corbis.

The good news is... I finished my first short paper of the semester, I get to see Fiddler on the Roof tomorrow night against better judgement (I'm a theatre major, so it counts as homework, right?), and today I received an awesomely festive Fall package in the mail from Amy.

The bad news is... thematic collages are hard, I still have a play to read for tomorrow, and a drawing I haven't started due on Wednesday.  SO MUCH TO DO.  But at least How I Met Your Mother came back tonight (!!!!).

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