blog announcement

For as long as I can remember, I've been interested in clothes.  I feel like I experimented a lot with my style growing up.  I remember getting a lot of "I never would be able to pull that off!" comments throughout junior high and high school.  I never thought my style was reaaaaally out there, but I suppose my outfits were eccentric enough to stand out as not being the typical go-to options for the average girl.  I've never, ever been a "t-shirt and jeans" kind of girl.  I tend to mix patterns and go for sometimes odd brightly colored pallets.  I like hats, and rarely wear pants.  In junior high, I was frequently mistaken for being on a girls sports team because they were asked to dress up on game days.  I'd reply laughing, "Nope, I just like dresses!"  Now dresses seem to be the norm, but back then, not so much, at least where I was.

I remember the moment in junior high when the world came crashing down on me--I finally made the startling connection in my mind that I wasn't the only one in the world who was interested in the past--other people liked vintage stuff too!  I had 50's birthday party in 5th grade, and starting antiquing in 6th grade (after a trip to the antique store with my grandma to find pieces for my Alice Paul getup--for a school project--sparked my interest).  I can even trace some of my style tendencies back to my childhood obsessions with Nancy Drew and my much loved American Girl dolls.

Despite my long love affair with fashion, I'm not the typical enthusiast.  My wardrobe consists mostly of things I've had for years, my mom's hand-me-downs, and holiday dresses (the best kind) I got while shopping with my stylish grandma.  Rarely do I add something new to my wardrobe, because a) I can't afford to sustain a shopping habit, b) Despite my love of fashion, I like classic shapes, and have no interest in keeping up with the latest trends, c) I have plenty of clothes already, so a dress here or there is all I can justify/store anyways.

One of the reasons I am attracted to costume design is the idea that everyone has a personal style that says something about them, whether intentional or not. I can appreciate so many different fashion sensibilities, while never desiring to don a similar get-up.  However, there are some styles that I find very appealing and wish I could pull off, but that are regrettably not "me."

A part of me desires to be as clean and simple as Audrey Hepburn, but in reality, most days I'm more of a Frizzle than a Hepburn.  Sure, I like clean lines and ballet flats, but I also like wearing polka dots, fruit-covered cardigans, brightly colored tights, and appreciate a well-planned themed outfit paired with my wild curly hair that I never comb. Not to mention there is nothing I love more than dressing in holiday-inspired outfits.  I'd like to think at my best, my Frizzle-like tendencies can transcend to be tastefully tongue-in-cheek, like my favorite brand, Kate Spade.  At my worst, I am a walking Christmas tree or Valentine, a themed outfit turned too literal (like when I wore an actual giant present bow in my hair--but that was pretty awesome, I must say).  But even then, I'm 100% Kaylie.

On that note, I want to announce that I am going to begin posting outfits regularly.  I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time, but have never had the courage to do it (there have been many instances that Ted and I will go out with the intention to take outfit pictures and in short, I chicken out).  Admittedly, I still have some courage to muster up, but I think that ultimately it will be good for my creativity and confidence to document something that brings me such joy.  Stay tuned for some crazy colorful and/or themed outfits!