photo diary: goldmeyer hot springs

Before school started, Ted and I drove up near Seattle to camp at Goldmeyer Hot Springs.  It was an adventure, to say the least.  The drive to North Bend was around 3 hours, then we drove another two hours on an unpaved road.  Once we parked, we hiked around two and a half hours to the campsite.  Although this seems like a lot of trouble, it was well worth it.  Not only was it beautiful, it gave us so much space and time to talk for hours without interruption.  It was during this time we started daydreaming about backpacking Europe, which was pretty exciting.

At the campground, we settled in and relaxed before hiking up to soak in the hot springs.  It was so lovely!  I've never done anything like it.  The next morning, we woke up to some really loud scary thuds (really scary, guys) surrounding our tent.  This happened for over thirty minutes.  Spoiler alert:  they were pine cones falling from about two hundred feet above.  Typical.

After making the trek out of the woods (Lord of the Rings music was definitely played), we drove to say goodbye to our friend Claire at her house before she left the next day for East Africa (sad face).  Ted and I tried to cope with some burgers from Lunchbox Labortory in Seattle (I saw the skyline! I saw the space needle!  Hooray!).  We tried the Dork Burger--duck and pork, yep, that's a thing and it's actually delicious--and the Burger of the Gods.  And then we went home and had to get ready for school to start up.

And it has started up, alright. I have a paper due on Monday, a design collage due Tuesday, and a drawing project due Wednesday.  But right now?  I'm watching Sex & the City.  One thing at a time, my friends.  One thing at a time.


Maggie Shirley said...

I love all of the pictures from yours and Ted's adventures. Also, Sex and the City over responsibility ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. I'm sure Carrie Bradshaw procrastinated in college too.

Dillon said...

I've been wanting to try out Lunchbox Laboratory for a while now, was it any good?
Looks like you had pretty good hiking weather, great photos, as always.

janee said...

Hi Kk...that was a beautiful place to go!
Loved the pics.and I love the great outdoors.It gives us a sense of freedom!! misss you and love you always!!

Natalie said...

I very much enjoyed these photos on Facebook. And here. You are so cute I can't even. But your hiking adventures sound very ideal, especially imagining the LOTR music involvement. Heck to the yes.

Natalie said...

looks like so much fun, i love keeping up on your portland adventures. (or seattle adventures too!).

lina said...

so awesome kaylie!!! what a neat adventure!