big city girl

Waiting for the tube.  Tube strike woes.  Tight-turning double-deckers.  The world is my oyster card.  Feeling clammy in the packed Picadilly Line.  Walking in the rain.  Wind.  Too much wind.  Bumping into strangers.  Saying "sorry!" to strangers. Eating out too much. 

South Kensington.  Home. Scoop.  Red couch.  Little Waitrose.   School.  Three days of classes.  3 hour classes.  Spending too much.  Shopping at TopShop.  Wide-eyed at Harrods.  Pure bliss at Liberty.  Going to the theatre.  The symphony.  The opera.

I started writing this post months ago in London.  Maybe I decided it sounded a bit too pretentious and stopped?  Or perhaps I had somewhere to get to, as so-called "city girls" tend to do, leaving this in my drafts forgotten?  Either way, my London life seems so far away right now.  I miss it every single day, and I know little memories will make their way on this blog more than I would like to admit because I seriously have so many and don't want to forget even the most mundane (like the time I got overly excited about 3 chocolate bars for £1.20 at Tesco or the multiple after-theatre pub outings with Philip & co where I awkwardly sat and said nothing and maybe ordered my favorite cider, Magners).  All of it was magical, even the boring parts.  Expect more tidbits in the future.


Natalie said...

So not pretentious! I hope that some day in the not too distant future you will get to go back to London. I am still holding out for Blogger Family Goes to London 2016.

Eva Goellner said...

TAKE ME BACK. Missing every single second of it :(

lina said...

i loved this post! it really reminded me of when i was in europe with nicola...sigh...i want to go back! i can't wait until we have a london blogger meet up ;)