branching out, cactus style

Although I've lived in the Phoenix area my entire life, I very rarely venture to downtown Phoenix and instead opt for other surrounding areas.  Thankfully I have friends like Erin who know all the local gems from their time spent in Phoenix for college and work. With Ted visiting, I thought getting shown around by some "locals" was a good idea. I considered it a little staycation for myself, since everything was new to me too!
On Saturday, we spent a full day in Phoenix.  Our first stop was the Phoenix Public Market.  We browsed the venders for a while until the heat took its toll and we had to seek refuge in the nearby cafe to cool off.  Of course Phoenix decided to show off its hottest weather while Ted was here, so we had to take numerous breaks during the day for cold drinks and sits.  
Erin has been raving about the food truck Short Leash for while now, so going to their new restaurant Sit...Stay was an obvious choice.  I have to say, it did not disappoint.  The unique hotdog combinations left my stomach and heart very happy.  We tried the Sunny (grilled seasonal fruit, prosciutto, mixed greens, goat cheese, honey & cracked pepper served on naan with a chicken wiener), the Bratwurst Stuffed Pretzel (bratwurst slow cooked in four peaks kiltlifter beer with sauerkraut, onions & bacon topped with swiss cheese & sweet bavarian mustard served on our pretzel roll) and the Bear w/ the Spicy Beer Hot wiener (peanut butter, smoked gouda, bacon, bbq sauce & cracker jacks).  THEY WERE ALL INCREDIBLE.  I have to say, the Bear was probably my favorite, because it was so bonkers and worked so well.  The kind chefs even split our hotdogs three-ways so we all had a cute plate of sample-sized dogs.  I loved it there.  It left Ted and I missing our favorite foodcart in Portland.  Oh man, the food I will be eating in a little over a month...

Before we left lunch, Rylee met up with us and we all headed to some vintage shops that I've heard about but have never been to, like the adorably-stuffed Qcumberz.  We spent a few hours browsing them, which was really lovely, and a good way to escape the heat.  I found a few cute things that I had to leave behind, like the tea towel above with a donut sticking out of its mouth.  There was one thing I simply could not leave behind at MacAlpine's (which by the way, is the cutest soda fountain/vintage shop ever).  This magical purchase will surely turn up in a post later this year.  Be excited.  Although both Rylee and Erin walked away with some solid purchases, I think Ted's takes the cake, at least in my book: a Captain & Tennille album featuring the song "Muskrat Love" which is quite possibly the weirdest and greatest song ever to be recorded.

Naturally we were tired, sweaty, and ready for a cold drink, so we made the point to go to Lux after Rylee had to depart for work and we were ready for a break from shopping.  It was busy, but we managed to find a seat on a picnic table studded with teal typewriters and settled in for more than an hour.  We chatted, sipped our cold coffees, and I may have stared at a girl that looked like Jennifer Lawrence a little too much. (I swear, she looked JUST LIKE HER.)  Regardless, it was good to finally get there after wanting to go for a couple of years!  Afterwards we met up with Domenico at MacAlpine's and then had a impromptu photoshoot in a cute neighborhood.

Welcome Diner was a very welcome way to end the day indeed.  The sun set enough for us to enjoy the big patio with misters, lights, and a cute dog to pet.  The four of us split the Bumblebee (fried chicken, honey, mustard, pickles on a biscuit), the Koko (fried chicken, chipotle ranch, arugula, tomato on a biscuit), the PB&B burger (peanut butter, pickles, bacon, cheddar), Poutine (fries smothered in gravy and melted cheddar--aka the first poutine I've actually really loved), and a little order of Fried Squash Blossoms.  It was all delicious.  There are very few sweeter things in life than good food and even better company.  We ended the night with Rylee joining us again at an Irish pub after work.  It felt good to be in an environment that felt familiar (I'm looking at you, London) but with friends that were even more familiar.  I'm a lucky girl, is all I'm saying.

Pictures including me and/or Ted by Erin


Maggie Shirley said...

Sounds like fun, despite the heat! Also, I just love when you wear your hair in a high bun like that. You look so classy. What a babe.

Miss you so!

Natalie said...

The Sunny sounds delicious. Also, fried squash blossoms. GAH. I want to explore Phoenix now cause it sounds like you and Ted had a wonderful time adventuring in your own city!