desert flower

I nearly didn't make it up to our favorite spot in Sedona on Airport Road.  It was ridiculously windy and I was wearing a skirt.  Not only that, the full skirt has precarious snaps instead of a zipper because I made it years ago when I was afraid of messing up sewing in a zipper. Translation:  this skirt was not made for climbing rocks, especially not in the wind.  I stood halfway up the little lookout for about ten minutes until the wind calmed down enough for me to risk flashing the couple and family below us.  Luckily I got up without too much difficulty, and Ted took some windswept photos of me.  The weather felt incredible, especially after spending a few days in the Phoenix heat romping around Mesa, downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Gilbert.  We welcomed the change of scenery and weather, even if it wasn't that much cooler during the day.
This outfit screams Arizona to me for some reason.  Maybe it's the combination of a little redneck with the cutoff vest, a little cowboy with the bandana-like floral skirt, and a little Native American with the silver accessories.  Plus, my sandals matched the red rock.  It's just a fun, very me look in the way that it's a a bit weird and themed.  I just had to put this getup on to have a little photoshoot and Picazzo's dinner date with Ted, even if it meant flashing an innocent family for half a second.

Vest/Nordstrom Rack, Skirt/handmade by me, Cactus Earrings/unknown, AZ Necklace/Kris Nations, Belt/vintage, Sandals/Saltwater 


Dillon said...

I'd just like to tell you that I think it so awesome you made that skirt. It's fab.

ensembledeux said...

I really love this outfit! And you look so adorable!!