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Well, this looks overwhelmingly adorable.  I expect no less from Belle & Sebastian.

Goofy, I know. BUT I MISS LONDON AND I PRETTY MUCH START JUMPING UP AND DOWN WHEN I SEE THIS TRAILER IN THEATERS BECAUSE LONDONNNNNNN.  Also, Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abbey.  Dreaming of Paddington Station already.

I read The Giver back in elementary school, and I'm excited to be reintroduced into its world through the movie.  It's a shame it took so long for it to become a movie (it came out the year I was born--21 years ago), but I guess it's a dystopian wonderland in Hollywood right now, so the time was finally right.

Any other upcoming movies I should know about?


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"God Help The Girl" does look like a fun movie. Bonus: it takes place in Scotland.