(500) doodles of words

Much has changed since December of 2007 when I wrote my first blogpost, but it's funny to see how much hasn't.  Here's a look at a few posts from my first year in the blogosphere.

That May I realized how cool Zooey Deschanel was. (current obsession? Try life-long.)

Some things never change...
My lust over Ban.do (now I finally own one!)
My favorite blogger (who ironically lives in Portland)

Really bizarre...Looking through these brings me back to when I first wrote them.  It seems like just yesterday!  It honestly does.  I can literally remember writing a lot of these.  I really haven't changed much since, interest-wise.  It's weird to see my 14/15 year old self discovering the things that are all very much a part of me now. 

Thanks for sticking around.  Here's to 500 more!  xoxo


Starr said...

Congrats on 500 posts! :) That's a big milestone.


Katie said...

you're amazing.

happy 500!