i just had the weirdest realization

I was about to click on "New Post" when I looked at my blog and realized that in roughly five months I will be blogging from a glorified box (my dorm) in Portland. 

I wish I could have caught the look I made on film.  I sort of opened my mouth half way, my eyes got wide, and I thought, OMG I AM GOING TO COLLEGE. Funny that my blog did this, and not the emails from the last two schools I applied to (I already got accepted to ASU and PSU earlier this school year) that I received yesterday afternoon.

Well, the results are in.  I got into Lewis & Clark College and got wait-listed at Reed College.

Lewis & Clark is more secluded than I would like, but it is so gorgeous (It's rated #2 for Most Beautiful Campus) I think I could get used to it.  Its small size (under 2,000) is ideal and its study abroad opportunities are awesome (which could be expected for a school named after explorers).  Also, they offer a Communication major, which is the definitely the direction I am heading now.  The setback:  $$$$

I hear back about financial aid in about a week.  Send good thoughts.

Honestly, I am honored to even get wait-listed at Reed.  It is also a small liberal arts college (1400 students), but it is considerably more rigorous (It's rated #2 for Students Study the Most with MIT taking first) and more selective.  They offer a Creative Writing major, which is something I've always wanted to pursue, but they don't offer a Communication major, which is troublesome.  Also $$$$.  And even if I do get accepted, I will have missed out on most of the money reserved for non-wait-listed students.  I'll live (and not have to study as much).

So now, I need to make a decision.  PSU or Lewis & Clark?  I can find good reasons for both, but in the end I would rather end up at a smaller school.  However, PSU is downtown (awesomeeee) and I already have a scholarship there.  Also, one of the main reasons I am moving to a new city is for the experience and living downtown in the midst of everything would amplify that.  But L&C would be a unique opportunity and I REALLY want to study abroad.  Let me rephrase that--I AM GOING TO study abroad.

Decisions, decisions.  I have one month to decide.


Melanie said...

I know the feeling! Which ever school you go to know that I am so proud of you and I am excited to see what the next step in your life brings. I know for a fact that you are going to thrive and excel so much at whatever school you attend. Also, that no matter what we are going to be pen pals because colorado is not that far!

Katie said...

So exciting! Abroad is definitely a good choice. :)

Zoƫ B. said...


I wanted to go to L&C too, but yeah, the money! :( The campus is soo gorgeous.

I totally feel you on the making decisions thing, it's tough, but you're amazing and will do great wherever you go! :)

▲my• said...

Gah! Congrats! How very exciting. I'd say Lewis & Clark if you can :) It's GORGEOUS.

:D Super stoked for you!