goosebumps, stress, and wrock & roll: 2 more days

If I counted the number of times I've gotten goosebumps over the last couple of weeks, I would be in the bazillion digits.  The things you do to me, Harry Potter.  The things you put me through!

My excitement has somewhat turned into terror, which is heightened by the ever-looming prospect of growing up and dealing with college business.  I feel like my wedding is this Thursday night at midnight!  I am BEYOND excited.  It's all I can think about.  But then I start worrying about getting there on time (people already waiting in line: YOU ARE GIVING ME ANXIETY), getting enough seats for my friends, having enough time to finish the seventh book (I just have to, you know?), finding time to make more Butterbeer cupcakes, etc...  It's all very silly, I realize this, but the end of the Harry Potter books and films signify a giant, enormous, bigger-than-Hagrid-and-Grawp-combined step in my life:  Growing up (or trying to, at least), moving out, and going to college.  And it's hitting me.  Harder than a bludger.  I'm as ready to go to college as any other incoming freshman, but emotionally at the moment, being in third grade reading Harry Potter for the first time sounds pretty appealing at the moment... I miss getting away with bringing a book out to dinner.

Venting aside, I happily wore my Harry & the Potters shirt today (I was a subtle Hermione on Sunday), jammed out to their first album (that I bought in fifth or sixth grade--not sure which) and A Very Potter Musical (for the 39482th time in the past few weeks, I'm sure of it) in the car, and purchased what seemed to be the last copy of the Harry Potter Empire at Barnes & Noble.  I went in looking for the Harry Potter Entertainment Weekly, but didn't find it.  It's all good, because Empire is beautiful!  If I lived in the UK, I would definitely have a subscription.

And now I leave you with some wrock (that's wizard rock for you muggles out there) songs, because all I've been listening to lately is AVPM, Harry & the Potters, and wrock songs.

This last one is so beautiful.

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