livin' the HP life: 7 more days

Of course, I have been rereading the entire series all summer (I'm almost done with Half Blood Prince at the moment).  I've been tweeting quotes, taking pictures of funny things such as above (Sirius being serious), and getting lost in the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

In San Diego, I saw the trio.

And a very animated Harry.

I read non-stop during our trip (we just got home yesterday).  I wasn't the only one reading Harry Potter.  My sister's reading the first book and my dad reread the second part of Deathly Hallows in preparation for the movie.  Twice.  Twice before reading the Epilogue.  He claims he's not in denial, but I think otherwise.

A man came up to me while I was reading to see what book I was reading and proceeded to say, "That one's the best one!" and share his plans to make an animated version of the seven books word-by-word.  He went on to say that he loved the films, but was disappointed they left out so much in the larger novels.  "Harry Potter and the Half-Told Story" is what he called the sixth movie.  It made me happy that  a fellow Harry Potter enthusiast reached out, especially when he was over twice my age.

My copy of Order of the Phoenix fell apart on the drive there, but that is okay because it made it lighter and of course I have the hardcover (that I distinctively remember getting at midnight at Barnes & Noble with my dad).  Yep, already I've gone through two Goblet of Fires.  My poor children will think I tried feeding my paperback editions to the Whomping Willow.

Today I watched two kiddos that are fellow Harry Potter lovers.  Imagine my delight when the older one saw my Harry & the Potters CD as I was going for the requested Glee CD (Sidenote:  I am happy to announce that I have at least these two referring to my car as the Glee-mobile due to the GLE on the back)!  The backseat filled with giggles during each song.  We even made a few music videos.  Hooray! The Harry Potter fun didn't end when I got home... (Does it ever end?  NO.)

Maggie tweeted about this song, so of course I looked it up and ended up crying for 5:51 minutes.  Thankfully my dad magically appeared in my doorway with a present for me:  Harry Potter silly bands. I love that guy.

All morning I read tweets from the HP cast about the London premiere.  When I went to MuggleNet to check out everyone's fancy attire just now, I got smacked right in the face like an uncalled for Bat-Bogey hex (gross) with this video.  Cue more tears.

Just a (Fluffy has three) heads up, this blog is officially HARRY POTTER 24/8!  Yes, eight days a week, my friends.


Maggie Shirley said...

That picture of the three of you reading Harry Potter is precious. I love it. Also, your glasses are super cute.

Is that not the BEST AND MOST DEPRESSING song ever?! I love Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls.

Their speeches had me actually sobbing. So many emotions this morning.

▲my• said...


It's crazy how fast this is all happening. One week. Less than one week if you count the fact that it's 12:50 and not 12:00. Wow...

I'm both excited and terrified.

Zoë B. said...

Oh my gosh! I just wrote a Harry Potter post yesterday but I didn't post it because I'm afraid it may be too cheesy. I absolutely love this post though. I love the picture of your family and I like that the guy said OOtP is his favorite-that's the book I feel like I need to defend the most. I am so nervously excited for this movie!