educational summer camp, part 1

I am officially a college student!  The first thing I noticed when I walked onto the floor of my dorm was just about the best thing that I could have possibly noticed (except Darren Criss waiting to greet me with a hug and my Pottermore email). Each door had HARRY POTTER CHARACTERS for their names.  You better believe I flipped out hardcore.  I mean, what could be more perfect?
This is my door!  It got even better though.

I cracked up when I saw this on the bulletin.  Especially because Voldemort looks like he is getting his groove on.

This was also on the bulletin.  I appreciate these little details, because they make me feel quite at home.  It's also comforting to walk down the hallway and read the multiple inspirational Dumbledore quotes.

Everyone's room is named after a Potter place.  When I open my door, facing me is a giant poster that says "The Great Hall".  If you didn't already put two and two together, all of this makes me extremely happy. 

This is my room! I kept finding things to get out, but this is pretty much how it looks!  I will be adding more wall stuff as the year progresses, I am sure.

This is my bed!  I have a beautiful view.  Fortunately, the dining hall/mailroom/everything building is right outside my dorm.  Not like getting anywhere around here is very far or difficult!  Even I know the whereabouts of most of the academic buildings and I'm no Sacagawea (yes, you did indeed just witness a Lewis & Clark pun).  Either way, it's nice.

This is my nightstand!  Yes, that IS a golden snitch!  Thanks for noticing!  Dahlya gave it to me as a going away gift, and it is magical.

Some fun reading, my WWAD? book (because I try to remind myself to ask myself this), and a pretty sketchbook also from Dahlya!  Also, the giant contact-looking thing is actually an adorable Eiffel Tower paperweight that Erin's mom gave me a while ago.

This is my desk!  I'm sure this is the cleanest it will ever be.  On the right is this awesome picture holder that Erin got me for my birthday.  It's so perfect for a dorm room!

A drawing that my sister made me a while ago, The Beatles, and a sparkly bird courtesy of Erin.

My sewing box I got at Michael's with Rachel that one time (filled with crafty things), a couple of books, cute paperclips I got  from Nicole one birthday in a sake cup from Domenico, my adorable elephant from Maggie's blogger swap package, and my little blackbird Erin brought me home from a trip. 

Tea from Rachel, office supplies, cute mug and quote also from Maggie, sweet mug from my parents, my insanely adorable thermos from my grandparents, and a lovely Dahlya original from my birthday.

My parents brought back a dozen donuts from Voodoo Doughnuts, which is great because I would rather eat stale doughnuts for the rest of the week than wake up early to get to breakfast.

This is my closet!  Notice the "Keep Calm and Shop On" frame from Melanie.

I'm nothing without my bows, bags, and costume jewelry.

Some paper cranes made by Phoebe and Erin, family pictures, and Glee gum and Bertie Bott's from Dahlya! 

Organized accessories (for now), notebook of quotes from my momma goose.

Whew, that was a long post!  All in all, I am having a great time getting to know the people and the campus.  It literally feels like summer camp with the forest surrounding me at all times.  I love it.


▲my• said...

Your dorm is lovely!

And how cool is it that you ended up in the Harry Potter themed hall? Awesomesauce.

I have a package to send you, so as soon as you've got a mailing address let me know :)

Katie said...

This is so fun, Kaylie! The Paris poster you have over your bed? I have that on a journal.

I got my Pottermore email yesterday, and promptly passed on the info to a legit HP fan. :) I did peek at it for a moment though, and it's really, really cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks this first blog of pics!!!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome post! I'm your new follower! YAY!
Love the Harry POtterness of that place! SIgh...


Maggie Shirley said...

I got ridiculously happy when I saw all of the things I gave you. I'm so glad you like them! <3 And it's SO AWESOME that your hall is Harry Potter themed! I'm so excited to hear about all of your college adventures.

Also, every time you make an awesome cheesy pun I love you a little bit more.