a view from our table

Instead of doing something productive like packing or sleeping, I have been lured into my iPhoto folders.  I couldn't help but post these pictures from my freshman through senior years' (mostly lunch) tables.  The thing I love about my group of friends (and oh how I love them, especially after a lovely "going away" get together tonight at my house) is that we welcome everyone with open arms.  Yes, we were that kind of table.  The table that people stop by to say hi, and end up sitting there every day for the rest of the year.  There was something magical about our group that attracted all kinds of people.  Sure, some of them came and went after a semester or two, but fortunately the good ones usually stuck around.  It all started with me, Erin, Domenico, and Kate

Last day of 9th grade.

Oh my, look at that goober.  I haven't changed much at all.

Erin and Domenico.  Have I ever mentioned that two of my best friends have been happily married for five years?

Okay, so they're not married (although I told them after each snapshot I took--and there were many--that it was for their "Save the Date"), but FIVE YEARS, GUYS!  The only boy I've liked that long is Harry Potter.  Let's give them a hand!

Ah, the library.  Every morning we would go there to chat, study miniature vocab cards last minute (well, in my case at least), and take silly photos (I was photo editor of the yearbook, so Bernard was my right-wing man).

Dahlya. Some things never change.

Typical Domenico facial expression.  Typical Nathan sunglass-wearing.

Rylee and Eric.  Cutest couple to come out of Junior year (or at least I think that's when they became a couple?  Seriously, I think my group of friends has some of the coolest, longest-lasting couples I have ever encountered...).

Junior year was when I discovered my immense love of hats (and photography, thanks to yearbook).  Oh yes, I was soooo artsy.  I mean, look at that beret and that thoughtful gaze.

Rachel is just the cutest redhead alive.

That awkward moment when I accidentally proposed to Melanie... The only pictures from the lunch table I can find are from Valentine's Day, probably because I was all over the place for most lunches due to yearbook (and Bernard, my yearbook camera, was no longer my man).  Holidays were special though.  My friends and I are a crafty bunch and many homemade treats were exchanged during holidays.

Thankfully, Phoebe shared my extreme love for the frilly holiday.  Although she would show up with yummy treats on any given day!

Also, here are some pics from "Bro Awareness Day"...

MORAL OF STORY:  Yep, we are awesome.


Emma Karen said...

Dominico's hair in the Freshman picture kills me!!! And um... I want Dominico to propose to Erin in the most adorable way.

▲my• said...

How cool! I love looking through old photos :)
Yay memories!

Erin Regan said...

Way to make me cry! I hate you. Except I love you. Don't leave me!