educational summer camp, part 3

School starts tomorrow, so I thought I'd try to blog about the rest of my "free days" before I actually have to start doing stuff.
Yesterday night I ventured out to "Narnia" with some people, which is on the graduate campus.  The campus was beautiful, deserted (other than another group of people from the undergrad campus) and also had yummy blackberry bushes.  Later on, a few student bands played on campus.  I have a feeling there will be a ton of shows to go to during the weekends here, because everyone is into that kind of thing.  I'm down!

Today a friend from my dorm and I took one of the buses downtown to explore.  It was wonderful!  We walked towards Powell's, but ended up stopping at a few places that caught our eyes. 

We stopped in Ray's Ragtime (above), which was a dream!  It had vintage clothes and accessories stuffed to the brim, and made me realize that if all goes well, I will one day retire from being a successful costume designer and own an awesome shop like this.  It's funny, because when I googled the place, the link above said that the guy who owns the place (we saw him there intently repairing a necklace) used to work in theatre, performing and costuming, so that makes me very happy!

With Powell's still looming ahead, we stopped at Stumptown, which was a really cool coffee place that I had actually heard of before (because I read way too many magazines/blogs).  We sat by the window, which had a great view of an old homeless man.  That's downtown for you.  We also stopped by this fun boutique (can't remember the name!) with a bunch of local artists and designers selling their (or their friends') work.  That was nice.  

Finally we found Powell's, which tested my shopping restraint quite harshly.  Everything is super cute there; it shouldn't even be allowed.  I am already excited for Christmas shopping!  To make matters worse, we went into Anthro, where we gushed over pretty much everything.  

I already can't wait to go back!  Hopefully I'll be able to this Saturday for Saturday Market.  

School is tomorrow!  Eeeek!


kate said...

yay! how cute. i miss portland :((( kaylie, embrace the bums.

Maggie Shirley said...

You look so pretty, Kaylie! And that store looks so beautiful. I can see fifteen different things I want in that picture alone.

Good luck on your first day of classes!

g'ma jan said...

you are in your element for sure..papa and I have to settle for a labor day 10% sale at Merchant Square..not as awesome as the stores there!!

▲my• said...

Your haircut is super cute. I don't think I had seen a proper photo 'til now!

Your campus is so pretty... SO PRETTY.