thursday thrills


What Would Don Draper Do?  The answer is simple.  (I just began watching Mad Men on Netflix Instant.)

Still lusting over this wedding.

Don't you just love weekly posts?  (Of course you do!)  Check out Amy's Handmade Mondays for a little homespun cuteness.

So in love with Kimbra now--we even have the same hair (more about that later)!  (Thanks Dahlya.)

There is nothing more peaceful than a piece of cake.

And this... This is just the coolest unnecessary thing ever.

Happy Thursday, folks!  xoxo

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▲my• said...

Kimbra! So happy that you and Dahlya listen to her.
My friend Lauren blogged about her a month or so ago and I've been hooked ever since. :)

Awwhh. Thank you for the mention :3