moving inspiration

I will never get over this.  Never.

Arguably, what started it all.  "It all" being my obsession with everything sweet and pastel.

Kirsten Dunst and Jason Shwartzman are just top-notch, and I love the colors.  Also, I have red sunglasses like hers!

Sofia Coppola...  What more can I say?

Creepy older dude aside, this scene in An Education is adorable.  (My friends and I rhinestoned sunglasses just like hers too... at my 50's-inspired birthday back in 5th grade.  How funny.)

This just makes me happy.  Something about the blue tones and certain "film noir" quality.  Plus, there's dancing.  What's not to love?

Just wanna be a cute French girl, no biggie...

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Erin Regan said...

You're so cute! Oh my goodness I love the Kirsten Dunst/Jason Shwartzman video.

P.S. I've watched Marie Antoinette for that scene specifically.