saturday downtown

Today a few of us went downtown for the Saturday Market and whatnot.  I resisted buying 2304982349823904 cute things and found a birthday present for my sister.  Here are some silly things I took pictures of there...

That guy was still there!

These are SOAPS, you guys.  SOAPS.

Beautiful lamps made of paper!

Creepy clown!

The line was up and down the sidewalk, but that's okay, because I went to two meetings the other day that gave us Voodoo Doughnuts.  So healthy!

I just can't get enough of this place.

I was a little tempted to buy a cactus (not to mention everything else) at Whole Foods for my dorm.  Maybe next time.

MINI MACARONS!  We found this adorable place called Little Bird with macarons in their display on our way back to the bus, so I couldn't go in.  Hopefully I will be able to go in later this weekend, in addition to another adorable place called Lulu's Vintage and a record store that I also had to pass up (sadface).

In other news, I OFFICIALLY HAVE A JOB.  I get to work in the costume shop!  How fun is that?  I can't wait to start!  Life is pretty awesome, but now I need to go do laundry.  


Maggie Shirley said...

God, your life is so awesome, Kaylie. CONGRATS ON LIVING.

g ma jan said...


Keri said...

I hope you gave that dog a tip. The pictures look great! I can't wait to join you at the Saturday market the next time we visit. Those macaroons look delicious! I think you should bring some to your french teacher this week.

Sooo excited about your new job! Can't wait to hear all about it!


Anonymous said...

Did u give the dog a tip? Did your job start? If it did how is it?