back to the old grind

It's the third week of school, and things are definitely starting to pick up.  After a weekend spent writing a paper for E&D and watching too many episodes of 30 Rock, I dived into my first legitimately busy week.  I couldn't be happier!  Since I haven't really mentioned my classes yet (I'm just here to go to college, no biggie), I guess I will do that now.

French  Oh mon Dieu!  As much as I love France and the language, this is the class I look forward to least, because still after five years, I have not gained much confidence in my speaking.  It's only an hour-long class though, so it's not too bad.  I will get better!

E&D  I enjoy E&D, because it reminds me a lot of my AP English classes in high school (on discussion days).  We basically sit in a circle and talk about whatever we're reading.  It was intimidating at first, because it seemed like everyone understood the texts better than I did, but I've gotten over that for the most part.  

Theatre & Society  My professor is hilarious, and has a Czech accent (which makes things even funnier).  I especially like when he calls that freshmen "fresh people".  The class is like E&D, but we talk about plays!  We actually read a Greek tragedy that we read in E&D, which made my life easier, and made it more interesting to know about the theatrical aspect.

English  I looooooove my English class.  Its focus is contemporary literature (1950's-present), which is my personal favorite, because I am so fascinated in the historical context.  That's what I love--the history behind a novel.  Currently we're finishing up Lolita, which like I've mentioned before, is a super creepy (but a wonderfully written and intriguing) novel.

Theatre Lab  For some reason I forgot to write T-Lab on my calendar above, which is funny because I am about to leave for that class...  Anyway, T-Lab meets every Wednesday for an hour for lecture, then we do lab hours in either the scene or costume shop throughout the week.  Of course I chose the costume shop!  

Costume Shop  Between work hours and lab hours, I spend every Tuesday-Friday afternoon (starting this week) in the shop, which I adore. It is such a magical thing to be a part of the productions in this way.  We've been pulling pieces for the One Acts (which are student written and directed plays) and organizing everything on clothes racks.  Today I seam-ripped the sleeves off of shirts (blouses?) for the Main Stage production of Caucasian Chalk Circle and learned how to take suit measurements.  The resident designers and director talked to us about the play in T-Lab today, so now I feel especially connected to this afternoon's seam-ripping session.  I like that.  Thank goodness for this opportunity.  It's the closest I've come to filling the void that is yearbook!

Well, I have 3049230948 things to do.  Good night!


g;ma jan said...

What a wonderful schedule..very busy with ALL the areas you LOVE!! Thanks for sharing!!

Bookish.Spazz said...

T-Lab sounds fun!

I love love love that everyone is as busy as me. It makes me feel like I know productive people :) Probably because I do.

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