mental labor day

Labor Day was devoted to reading Lolita for English/getting distracted by my surroundings in the grass behind the Manor House.  Correction:  In the dirt under one of the trees behind the Manor House.  Turns out I am literally allergic to the green stuff.  My skin is so sensitive to the damp, intensely green blades of grass that I experience a speckled red reaction up and down my legs.  Glamourous!  

Before finding my cozy circle of dirt, I allowed myself to enjoy the sunshine. I laid down and closed my eyes and almost fell asleep, but the possibility of getting sunburnt in Port-freaking-land (what a laughingstock I would be in Arizona!) made me finally pry my eyes open and find a safe, itch-free, shady haven.  Thankfully there was a huge tree that had some soil around it big enough to fit me and my sad, now grossly patterned legs.  

In contrast to the gorgeous surroundings, the content of Lolita made me scrunch my face up in disapproval most of the afternoon.  It is a truly detestable story, however beautifully written.  It's quite the paradox!  Reading Lolita has made me fear for my life and the life of every girl under five feet and of a petite nature.  Just so you know the extent of my fright, I might point out that I am the same height (4'10) as Lolita.  Eeek!  Makes me want to dye my hair gray and pretend to be an old lady.  But I digress...

I met a myriad of insects and creatures this afternoon.  The bees in particular took a liking to me, of which the feeling was not mutual.  I met a dragonfly perching on a few blades of grass, giant flies that I took as bees without my glasses on, and tiny ants and spiders that I didn't mind hanging out on the pages of my book.  But mostly I made a ruckus out of sitting stone still humming (okay--squeaking, hollering, yelling) my discomfort when a bee buzzed around me.  Note to self:  Do not wear sweet-smelling perfume when studying outdoors.  Lesson learned.

I am constantly surrounded by giant Christmas trees, and I can't help but want to decorate them with baubles and handmade ornaments.  I am Kaylie, and I am continually dumbfounded by this green stuff.  


Katie said...

From what I remember of Arizona (it's been so long since I've been there...) there is a distinct lack of greenness. It must be fun being somewhere where there are actually things that grow. :)

g ma jan said... are definately getting introduced to your new envirement...reminds me of IOWA in the summertime!!

Keri said...

Let me know if you want me to pack some Benadryl in the boxes I am going to ship you! :)