This guy commandeered a Portland chocolate tour for the two of us this Saturday.

We hit Cacao, Teuscher and Leonidas downtown first.  (We would have hit Moonstruck too, but we've  tried plenty of their chocolates already.)   Each place we had them recommend their top two chocolates and split them.  Yum.  (Ted will definitely be blogging about them soon.)

Next we took a streetcar to 23rd to find more sweets.  We went to Two Tarts Bakery and shared a macaron, then headed to Papa Haydn's, which has a beautiful display of every dessert you would ever want to try.

I enjoyed this Valentine's Day love.

We ended up getting this heart-shaped chocolate ganache wonderfulness, raspberry sauce, gold flakes, and all.  We saved it for that night, since we were already on a sugar high and ready for real food (aka two burgers each and some fries at Little Big Burger).

Suffice to say, it was a good day.

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jan--ee said...

all that choc. looks soooo good..cannot wait to have some..c u soon