february threads

I haven't posted an outfit in 29103 months, but that's okay, because this outfit pretty much sums up my Portland wardrobe (as in drastically brighter than the weather--example:  today two people said that my ensemble made them want summer).  Ted took these at the Rose Gardens (which are out of season, but still beautiful) when he, Claire, my visiting grandparents and aunts, and I went over the weekend.

Dress - Urban Outfitters
Jacket - Old Navy
Belt - vintage 
Bow - somewhere embarrassing that may or may not sell toddler clothing
Sequin heart - Ban.do
Arizona necklace (my new favorite accessory) - Valentine's Day gift from grandparents
Tights - Banana Republic
Toms - Christmas present from parents

Me and my sweet Grandma

Me and my sweet Claire hugging a statue

How were your weekends?  I guess it's the weekend already tomorrow (whew, this week went by in a flurry), so a more appropriate question would be, what are you up to this weekend?

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