Guest Post: 2/14

Howdy! I'm Kate.  How did I get Kaylie's password?  How do I know Kaylie?  How do I know that the owner of this blog's name isn't Word Brian Doodles II?  This is all really unimportant information that you need to stop asking.  It's a guest post.  Come on.  One thing that does matter is that I thought of Kaylie when I get dressed every morning.

Today was my first day nannying, and Ellison and his private school-mates didn't have to wear their uniforms, but instead, were asked to rock an Arizona-themed outfit. If Ellison wore skirts, dresses, and lacy socks, my heart would have sunk a lil, but he doesn't, so he dressed up like a prospector.

On the surface, Valentine's Day is hearts and flowers day.  So, when I go to Buffalo and I buy that long black sundress with the 90's rose print on it, and I go outside, and it's sunny and windy, and Spring is kickin' in, I'm pretty in love.

Wear some Rose Salve. He/she will think he's crunchin' on real flowers. Candy! Miranda July is my Valentine. Always be on the lookout for a man with aVCR (courtesy of Kaylie), donut and cupcake scented stickers to seal your cards, embroider something lovely, roses roses roses, jewelzzz, and play him/her a lil tune bout love n stuff on the har-money-cah.
Sometimes, when you get to be my age, you have too many options for Valentines' Day and not enough boyfriends.

Now, let's get sappy in dis club.  I don't wonder what love is too often.  I love my closest friends and my closest family members.  I love my two best friends very much.  And I love someone a lot.  As far as love goes, I think I'm experiencing it more than I ever have, but I'm also my oldest, and now I'm older, and now I'm older.  What I have learned about love is that it is your own personal feeling. Nobody else invents it. It's a word we use, but I think that's one of the only things my love for one person has in common with your love for another person.


And it's pretty great.

Second, to me, love is

in a nutshell.

But sometimes it hurts.

But the burns heal, and you get over it because you have to.
And another love, and even better love creates a completely
different fire, a fire of ~*~passion~*~ Am I right, laydeez?

Okay, this was cheesy, so here's a playlist! Add some Dr. Dog and Mayer Hawthorne, and you're golden for a sunshiney Valentine's Day...even if it's raining!

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Kaylie said...

Love it!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! Your humor is my favorite. Write all my posts?