Guest Blogger: Making a Valentine's Mess with Faith&Fashion

Currently, I'm living in Colorado attending a Christian University to earn my youth ministry degree. While living on campus, my apartment is right next door to an all guys building. With Valentine's day present, I thought it would be a swell idea to bake treats for all the guys. Thankfully, every store near my home has a great appreciation for the day of love and finding cute cake mix was easy to find. With a goal in mind, I knew I had big baking job in front of me. Thankfully, my tiny kitchen was up for the challenge. Once the cupcakes were done I added two layers of sprinkles and pink frosting to give it the little Valentine's touch. After making over forty cupcakes, I decided to top it off by making Valentines for each room. Using paper doillies as the background made the job quick and simple. It's the small gesture that can make the big impact on Valentine's Day.
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Kaylie said...

Yum!!!! I hope those boys appreciated your baking! Thank you so much for guest posting!