10 things that make me happy

Jewelry with puns on them.

Finding pieces of Arizona in unlikely places (This was a brochure about a German study abroad) and shirtless pictures of Darren Criss.

Free music festivals at school.  Although I don't listen to Gogol Bordello, they put on an awesome and insanely energetic  show.  Everyone was dancing like crazy people, including me.


Finding a single rose blooming in the tree outside a window.

Color swatches at the hardware store.

Flower seed packets.  They remind me of when Erin and I made some into invitations for her birthday garden party a couple years ago.  I picked up four packets for an upcoming craft project that's for giggles.

Weather-sensitive albums.  Break it Yourself when it's raining and Seven Swans when it's snowing.

Declaring my major (Theatre with a Concentration in Design).  Last May I finally admitted my dream of becoming a costume designer.  Since then I have learned a lot about following dreams.

It's not that easy.

In fact, it's pretty darn difficult.  Because once you know what you want to accomplish, every little mistake you make or every little speed bump that you encounter makes you stop and wonder if you'll make it to the other side (or if you even want to).  All this comes across as blatant, utter discouragement.  Yet through the trials and tribulations of diving into the theatre world woefully unprepared, I have learned so much about things I never imagined possible knowing, and more importantly, I have learned that I never want to stop learning about this collaborative art form and the role I want to take in it.

So, I turned in my form, and next Fall it looks like I am taking three theatre classes and a science lab.  

What's making you happy lately?


Bookish.Spazz said...

Everything about this post makes me so happy. You have no idea!

Kayleigh said...

U of A!!!! Sorry, getting my school spirit on.

Color swatches make me incredibly happy too! I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)