10 things that make me happy

Having visitors.  Just this past week two of my best friends visited, and recently some family visited.

Libraries.  Being in them, looking at them, dreaming about them.  This one I found on Pinterest.  (See my Librarian For Life board.)

Tea Chai Te knowing me and Erin's zodiac signs.

Spotting cacti at Anthro.

Spring.  Snow and blooming roses.  Cool.

The Hunger Games (which I read literally right before seeing the midnight premiere).  Jennifer Lawrence,  the outlandish Capitol costumes (check out this interview with the costume designer), and wearing Claire's mom's necklace from the 70's that looks remarkably like the mockingjay pin.

Oh YEAH--THE COSTUMES FROM WICKED.  Ted and I saw the show a few weeks ago and I fell in love.  See an awesome video about the costumes here.

This sweet idea for a necklace.

Pencil shaving collar -- I must make this!

Disposable camera pictures.


Kayleigh said...

All great things! :)

Bookish.Spazz said...

GAH! You are so adorable! This post made me very smiley :)

Katie said...

aww! Aunt Mel looks so pretty.