Yesterday was my nineteenth birthday!  Of course I swindled my friends here into a weekend long celebration that included a Friday night performance of PSU's Urinetown,  a Sunday picnic, and finally a birthday dinner and dessert on Monday night.

Ted loves his musicals...

The sun came out to play with us the WHOLE TIME!  It was extremely nice to have the sunshine, tunes, friends, and GLORIOUS FOOOOD!!!!!!

Ted made the tarts, and my mom, dad, and sister sent me the macarons!  Pickled cranberries were even donated to the festivities and after all was said and eaten, we played Apples to Apples.  Sunshine and good food--definitely one of most lovely afternoons of the year so far.

When I walked out my door on Monday morning, I found these balloons waiting for me with a fresh, hot breakfast bagel sandwich!  Ted's a keeper.  Although I had a sunny disposition the whole day, unfortunately the rain came back at full force after our lovely sunny Sunday.  Oh well!  At least I got to wear my pink lace and metallic dress that I bought on my birthday last year.

Note the gold necklace, bangle, and flower purse peeking out from the corner--all lovely gifts from my grandparents!  

This is my "I'm so mature now; I'm nineteen" look displayed on the Pio on our way downtown.  

Note the adorable teacup earrings from Mikaela and precious knitting pin from Erin.  Gotta love my friends!


Claire's gift for me, complete with a storybook card.  It was a "Family" frame with a picture of our group of friends and an album with the beginnings of pictures from this year!

Me and Ted laughing over the check.  Oh dear.

Me and Claire bein' all cute and stuff.

Me, Claire, and Mikaela pumped for dessert at Papa Haydn's.
If you ever get a chance, be sure to try one of their desserts. I love the Boccone Dolce, which is the best and most unique cake I've ever had!  It has meringue, whipped cream, and fruit.  Yes please!

I was also surprised with these macarons!  The salted caramel was my favorite.  YUM.  

I had at least ten macrons, received oodles of love from friends and family, and even got some sun.  Even though I missed my AZ folks, I thoroughly enjoyed my first birthday away from home.  Thanks to everyone who made it special!


Kayleigh said...

Happy Birthday!!! It looks like you had a great time! Love the photos!

g ma janee said...

what a really great b day kaylie!!sirlisp rovehea