cupcakes, burgers, and britten

On Valentine's Day, me and my roommate Eva planned some festive cupcake making in our flat's kitchen, which about a week prior, I had taped up a few hearts and some bunting.  Since our group is divided into two flats, it was lovely to have the others over to spread some holiday cheer.  Cute crafting aside, bringing people together is definitely my favorite thing about the holidays.  Second favorite?  Themed outfits. This one was made special with my new heart cardigan and heart pin from my grandparents who know me so well.

The red velvet cupcakes were deliciously cute with homemade cream cheese frosting, chopped chocolate, and strawberry hearts, and made particularly festive with cupcake holders I found at Topshop (Topshop is slowly but surely taking all of my money).  

That night the group had tickets to the opera.  Naturally, Ted and I decided to get burgers beforehand as a little hearts day date at Five Guys in Leicester Square.  It was my idea.  Burgers and opera--we are so classy.  I was so happy to be somewhere familiar, eating one of my favorite foods with one of my favorite people.

Despite being sick all Valentine's weekend, Ted and I managed to make the best of it with a lowkey visit to Oxford (more about that later).  

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