homesick inception

Right now I am on the train home

to London--where I am experiencing more art and freedom than I ever have. 

Before we went to Scotland, I was getting homesick

for Portland--where I learn, work, and have my favorite brunch place. 

When I am in Portland, I get homesick 

for Mesa, where my family knows all of my quirks, my dog curls into a ball at the foot of my bed as I fall asleep, and my best friends are, or return to.

Home is so many places at this time in my life.  Very rarely do these worlds overlap, so I am excited for family to visit. I am also aware how lucky I am to have Ted here, in Portland, and even in Mesa when he's feeling like he can handle the desert heat.

For now I will just sit back and enjoy the train ride home to London, thinking about how happy I am to have found a third home.



Natalie said...

Just so you know, I am reading and loving all of your London adventure blogging and being really jealous and I'm so glad that you're enjoying yourself.

Lizzie said...

I saw the title and thought "huh?" and then I read the post and it makes so much sense.

I'm glad you've been able to share parts of your adventure with the world. At first, I was anti-blogging my own study abroad experiences next fall, but now you have me convinced it's worth it.

How was Edinburgh? Was it beautiful? The photo you had on Instagram of the loch (haha, see what I did there?) :)

Kaylie said...

Edinburgh was really cool, but we didn't have much time there! I'm sure you will love it! So much history and so many beautiful buildings.

Definitely blog/journal as much as you want to. It's hard for me to find time to blog, but I think it is really helpful to reflect when I have the chance. I also have a travel journal that I put all my tickets and whatnot in, with more personal entries. Instagram is really helpful for documenting the little memories you don't want to forget but don't have time to blog about. :)