the view across the table

Every weekend here in London, Ted and I go out on a date.  I'm all about dates--I think they are very important to a healthy relationship. Sure, I like just hanging out doing whatever,  but something new is always appreciated.  After all, we're in a big city, so we should explore it!

Sometimes spontaneous dates are the best--like when Ted and I snuck off to grab some breakfast at The Jugged Hare the Thursday morning we waited in line with some people at the Barbican for Richard II.
Sometimes date days happen, like when we spent the day exploring beautiful and bizarre museums for our art history class (The Hunterian and John Soan's Museum, specifically) with a tea break in-between at Fields Bar & Kitchen.  
Sometimes even then, we still explore the West End and Soho, ending the day splitting a bowl of ramen at Bone Daddies Ramen Bar, a delicious little place across from an awesome comic book store.
Sometimes the small Italian meat shop with the red couch outside is booked, so we find cheap Italian food across the street at Rocca, and I get to order lasagna and white wine and feel quite grown up indeed.
Sometimes I score front row center lottery tickets (lucky number 3!) for The Book of Mormon on a Monday night and wander around the streets until I finally get ahold of Ted, and I think--this is probably the only time in my life I will be able to wander the streets of a big city without any serious cares, ever. And that is exciting but also scary and a little sad. But then I finally meet up with Ted and try Katsu Curry for the first time at Tokyo Diner and the thought becomes less intimidating.
Sometimes I annoy Ted (this happens a lot, but that's okay, because the feeling is usually mutual) and then we make up just in time for Ted to introduce me to Iranian food at Mohsen and for us to go to a pub afterwards to witness the hilarious innkeeper locking out a drunk middle-aged woman as we sit on uncomfortable stools nearby giggling and sipping our pints.

Sometimes we just sit around planning my birthday in Paris because THAT IS REALLY EXCITING TO ME, GUYS.

Sometimes life is extremely exciting and a little bit like a fairytale. That time is definitely now.


Erin Regan said...

I love all of these! It looks like you're having such a lovely time.

Kate said...

Awwwwww! Yay! This is really nice, Kaylie.