It's almost Halloween!  I could not be more thrilled.  I have even been eating an obscene amount of Sour Patch Kids in celebration.  Okay--maybe that's just because I love Sour Patch Kids....  Anyway, a week or two ago, I decked out my room in orange and black.  You know me.  It's a holiday.  I gotta get my craft on.

Thanks to my awesome grandma, I had plenty of Halloween goodies to get my dorm room in the spooky spirit (especially notice the legos and giant spider barrette).  To add a little extra pizazz, I fashioned some pinwheels from the festive tissue paper that was in my epic Halloween package.  I was so happy when my roommate asked me to help her make one.  She even taught her friend how to make one a few days later!  I feel like I have made a positive difference in the world.  Hooray for holidays!

P.S. TWO MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  My friend mentioned this at dinner and it made my day.


kate said...

yayayayayyayay! so cute! love the decorations! wish you were here :(

G'MA JAN-EE said...

your room is awesome..miss you!!