nerdfest northwest

Tuesday night, Ted and I went to see Lord of the Rings In Concert.  They played the first film on a giant screen and performed all the music live.  It was pretty sweet!

Before the concert started, I was showing Ted my favorite blogger and gushing over how awesome she is.  When I was on one of her outfit posts, Ted says, (and I quote), "You should put together your cute outfits and I will take pictures!  And you can put them on your blog!"  (He was anxiously awaiting his new supercool Nikon camera in the mail.)  I think I stopped breathing.  I said, "TED!!!! THAT IS ALL I HAVE EVER WANTED A BOY TO TELL ME!"  I don't know how this happened...  I'm not going to question it though.  So yeah, Ted took all of the following photos...

Friday night was pretty magical.  Ted and I watched the Rocky Horror Glee episode and then got our Gryffindor pride on (Sorry Ravenclaw; I don't have any Ravenclaw attire--this will change soon) to watch Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the Council Chamber with some friends.  I sobbed.

Saturday, Ted and I went downtown.  Ted needed to stop by the haberdasher (he loves this place; it's pretty adorable) and I needed to get the lovely Melanie a birthday present and myself some material for my Miss Frizzle costume. These were accomplished, and then some.  

Had the best cappuccino of my life (so far) at Stumptown.  I have very little background with cappuccinos, but this was pretty great.

After passing Portland Design Collective many times, I finally had the chance to go in.  It is wonderful, brimming with vintage dresses, accessories, and oddities.  Stopped in Josephine's Dry Goods and found some cheap, colorful felt perfect for my costume, went into Crafty Wonderland because you can't just not go into Crafty Wonderland, introduced Ted to Canoe, which he loved, browsed Buffalo Exchange, and probably went in other places that I can't remember...
This is me by a very old door of a very old church, I believe.



Bow tie and wolf pin.  Can't get much better than that.

Claire and Ted howling at the moon outside of Nicholas'. Had some WONDERFUL food with some wonderful company--Claire, Claire's parents, and Ted.  We ate so much good food.  This place, you guys.  It's delicious.

Life is so good!  But now I have to read 3240923094 things.


Maggie Shirley said...

I love Ted. And I love Ted's bowtie and that y'all watch Glee together and Harry Potter. Happy for you. <3

Keri said...

You guys are way too cute! Love all the pics. Tedderton has apparently replaced Izzerton. I won't tell Izzy.

Kaylie said...

No one can replace my Izzerton!!!!!!!!

kate said...

aweeeee! so cute! i love that blog!!! and congrats on having that photographer boyfriend you always wanted ;) xoxooxox

gr ma jan-ee said...

KK,,,you and TED are the awesomest!!! Can t wait to see you!!

▲my• said...


i almost went to that lotr concert here in phoenix, but i missed it :(