it's october and getting a little crazy

Disclaimer:  This post may last two years.  A lot has happened!  This is a semi-stressful post, because I have so much to say.  I will try to be concise (but that isn't really my strong point, is it?)...
First off, I would just like to point out that I love our school colors here.  Orange and black=excuse to think about Halloween all year round.  Fortunately, it is actually October now, so I can think about Halloween all I want aaaaand smile really big when I walk past this window display for our bookstore.

Last Wednesday night was the beginning of FALL BREAK!  I am having trouble thinking back that far because it seems like 50 years ago, so I will have to break it down.  

Wednesday-Friday night my friends and I had themed Disney marathon nights.  Wednesday was Pixar, in honor of the late Steve Jobs (Wall-E, Ratatouille), Thursday was Miyazaki (Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky), and Friday was good ol' Disney (Tangled, Sword in the Stone).  Suffice to say, it was lovely!  

On Thursday, I spent the day helping the costume shop manager with a project.  Upholstered a cushion and some pillows.  Made some $$$.  Awesome.

On Friday, Tara and I explored the magical street Hawthorne.  We were freaking out!  It is so cool.  We passed 23214 cute stores and cafes and whatnot.  Here are a few...

Lounge Lizard (So in love with this place.)

A real life kitty in the windowsill, just hangin' with a typewriter and plants.  No biggie.


I was so excited when we found this outdoor market.  Pumpkins are necessary for life.  I got two--one for me, and one for my roommate.

Vintage Pink (I got an adorable shift dress and Tara got an adorable dress and rockin' shirt.)

Pumpkins!  I had to take a picture next to the owls.  Funnily enough, I am realizing I have 39423098 owl things.  Apparently that's just another weird collection of mine that I didn't even plan.  This makes me incredibly happy.
After a lovely late afternoon browsing the numerous vintage shops, we got food in this area with delicious food carts surrounding wooden tables (which I later found out is called Cartopia) that is near this coffee shop (which I had to take a picture of because my friend Clair calls me Tiny).  I got an XS fries with Rosemary Truffle Ketchup from Potato Champion and a Spinach Mushroom pizza from Pyro Pizza.  I can not begin to describe the immense happiness these two things brought me.  It was rainy, we each had warm 12 inch pizzas to devour, and it was only the second night of break.  Tara and I were in food cart bliss.  So.  Freaking.  Delicious.  Seriously, man.  My stomach is smiling just thinking about it.

Saturday was magical for many reasons.  First off, I woke up and made brownies with Ted (which was pretty cool of him, considering he was fasting for Yom Kippur) for the movies.  After brunch, group of us went downtown and saw 50/50 (which was top-notch) and then headed to NW 23rd, which is just the most adorable street ever.

While Ted got some life-changing PB&J sandwiches (we're talking a thai PB&J and a jalapeno & bacon PB&J...SO GOOD) at a food cart next door, we ventured into this vintage shop brimming with goodies and oddities.
Yep, that's me.  Notice the awesome beaded orange necklace--my grandma sent me THE GREATEST Halloween package OF MY LIFE.  It literally made me so happy to open it after brunch on Saturday.  I love my grandparents!

Claire looking extremely happy at Tea Chai Te, a heavenly tea place.  Literally, when I walked in, the smell was just so LOVELY.  For dinner Ted and I went to Pastini, where I had my favorite thing ever, a tomato and mozzarella panini.  Yum!  I could seriously eat tomato and mozzarella sandwiches every day.  And I have.

Speaking of Ted, his birthday was Sunday!  To celebrate, a few of us watched Submarine and drank tea in one of the small auditoriums (that has theatre-like seats and a projector) which was just so wonderful.  Afterwards I introduced Ted to The IT Crowd (which has the director of Submarine in it) and got some homework done.  Suffice to say, it was a great afternoon.  For dinner, a group of us went to Nicholas', which is this fantastic Lebanese restaurant.  SO MUCH GOOD FOOD.  What a great way to end a break.

As you can probably reason, Fall break was a complete and utter success.  I ate copious amounts of terrific food, watched eight movies, and explored new parts of Portland.  Oh yeah, and Ted is my boyfriend now!  You better believe it was a magical break.  

Reasons why you should like Ted as much as I do:
He whistles better than anyone I've ever met.
He understands my many Harry Potter references and encourages them.  Also, he has the same golden snitch replica in his dorm room that I have in mine.  And he's on Pottermore.  And he goes on Mugglenet.  And yeah, we are the same person.
He buys stuff on Etsy.
He is obsessed with Emma Watson.
He loves hats as much as I do.
He watches Glee.
He loves music and musicals.
He is going to make me delicious food and I am going to bake him yummy treats!

Like, you guyz.  I don't even know how this is real life.



mayte michelle. said...

I realize that I'm the first one but ahhhh! you two are so cute and I am so happy for you and yeah! yay!

Oregon sounds so wonderful and it's just one state away! You're so incredibly adorable by the way.

papa/g"ma said...

Papa and I loved this blog..if you like Ted so do we ..he sounds really nice with a great personality!! always!!

Anonymous said...

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kate said...

yay! good post!!! U KILL ME! "Like, you guyz. I don't even know how this is real life."