this is the look of "I was up until 3 AM writing a six page essay"

Except, it wasn't that bad.  I planned on spending my entire weekend being lame and only leaving my study coma for the One Acts, but like most plans, they were completely changed.  I found out that the One Acts were all performed together each night, so I bought tickets for Saturday night.  Well, so much for that.

On Friday night, I went to the DRAG SHOW, which was SO GREAT.  I know I shouldn't be surprised at the turn out and participation, but coming from a conservative community, I couldn't help but be awed by how awesome people are here.  Gotta love LC!  

After the show, we ended up going to the One Acts at 10, which WERE SO GOOD.  I loved seeing all the random things I helped out with and saw around the shop in action.  I laughed, I cried, I got warm fuzzies.  Suffice to say, I was impressed.  After spending the rest of the night talking and Pottermore-ing (SO HAPPY I HAVE HARRY POTTER FRIENDS, YOU GUYZ), I finally went to sleep around 2:30.  

Saturday was spent at "the bins" which is where the rejected rejects of Goodwill go to be put haphazardly into huge bins.  So basically, the most awesome disgusting place you will ever go.  I got a wonderful vintage wool sweater and a red skirt.  In fact, I am currently wearing the red pleated knit skirt I got there/already washed twice with my Harry & the Potters t-shirt.  Success!  After dinner, I went into full paper-writing mode.  Can I point out a few things?

  • I finished the paper before I went to bed, just like the angry note I wrote myself in all caps, underlining, and explanation points told me to.
  • I didn't go on Facebook AT ALL.  
  • I didn't get distracted by all that the magical internet has to offer AT ALL
  • At one point, I managed to work while Tropic Thunder was on, excessive cursing and explosions included
Now, I am about to head somewhere to start my OTHER paper--the paper due either this Tuesday or the Tuesday after break.  Since I plan on sleeping and baking my Fall break away, I find this paper necessary to ANNIHILATE, DESTROY, FINISHHHHH.  Plus, I have this to motivate me to finish it tonight:
THE CLUB THAT MUST NOT BE NAMED!  You better believe it.


Bookish.Spazz said...

That club sounds awesome. And my mind rejects paper writing. Like right now. I should be writing a paper, but I'm obviously not.

g ma jan said...

you will definitely enjoy your break with those papers behind you! have a fun break!

kate said...

lololol at you working to tropic thunder. lololol at you dumpster diving, u lil portlandian. "AWE! AWE! AWEEE!" and finally, you're so cute when you're sad about Greek tragedy! p.s. UR GETTIN PALE, DOG.

Nicola said...

well done for getting your paper done!!! :D
and yay for hp!!!

Ken said...

Ah, early-morning papers. I worked on the first draft of a 4-6 page paper (mine was about 5 pages) from like 11pm till 5am, went to bed at 6am, and then woke up at 9:15am so that I could shower and get ready in time for my 10:00 class. :P
The revision went by much faster, fortunately.

The shows sound like they were so much fun! Gah, and nice cheap clothes? So good for the wallet.. [as long as they're clean/cleanable].

And god, TCTMNBN? Sounds so awesome. :)