outfit: favorite new trend

The other day my grandma and I got lunch and went shopping, which was lovely as always.  Since colorful jeans are everywhere lately, I've been looking out for a pair that would work for me.  Since I tend to wear bright colors, these teal ones fit the ticket.  Plus, this color reminds me of my grandma, who also loves it. 

While my grandma always looks polished and stylish, I tend to be all over the place, hoping it makes sense to someone other than myself. I do admit that matching an outfit is very important, but I have a rather unorthodox way of doing it.  Sometimes I think I worry my grandma, because I'm always saying, "Oh, I will find something to go with that!"  So this one's for you!

When I see blue, I tend to want to put green or yellow with it, so I put on this yellow top and belted it (because I'm a belt addict).  I have a headband that is the same shade of blue with a pink flower, so I put that on too.  THEN I REMEMBERED I HAD THE PERFECT CLUTCH.  So I added it, accessorized, and ta-da!  A colorful, yet matched ensemble.

People always ask me, "How do you come up with your outfits?"  Well, here you go.  I'm just a crazy colorful mess that somehow comes together by some miracle.  

Outfit: shirt/hand-me-down from mom, jeans/Nordstrom, headband/Etsy, belt/Goodwill, clutch & ring/Kate Spade, flats/David's Bridal, earrings/birthday gift, bracelet/boutique


Dillon said...

What a great way to pair all those colors together.

Maggie Shirley said...

SUCH A CUTE OUTFIT. The clutch brought the whole thing together. You are too cute.

▲my• said...

ADORABLE! Those jeans are fantastic. You always wear such fantastic outfits!

Zoë B. said...

Colorful messes are the best!! You always look fab. Also, what's that font on the last photo? It's nice. :)