photo diary: gilbert & payson - ted's visit, day two

On Saturday, I made Ted and myself (and later my sister) some teddy bear toast for breakfast.  I love doing silly little surprises like this.  He loved it!  After lounging around for a bit to watch Cupcake Wars and cuddle with Izzy, we drove to Gilbert for lunch.  We got cold drinks at Liberty Market and briefly (it was hot) walked around taking pictures, then headed back to share a delicious Picnic sandwich and get a sticky bun to go.

After lunch, we went home and met Erin and Domenico for our trip to Payson.  Domenico fearlessly drove us through fiery roads to get us to his family's cabin.  Literally.  Once we got into town, we browsed thrift stores and antique shops (I found a gold belt and present pin) and took pictures by decrepit old houses.

Later on, we got groceries for dinner and settled into the cabin for a lovely night of pasta, The Artist, and Scrabble.  And we didn't even get mauled by a rabid bear!  Awesome.


▲my• said...

Adorable adorable adorable! I love that dress!

Looks like so much fun!

Bookish.Spazz said...

Fun stuff! That teddy bear toast looked freaking adorable!

Katie Davis said...

you sound like you're having the time of your life! miss you, cutie pie

Anonymous said...

great pics !!