take back the past: regency era

As a lover of fashion and history, I decided to start a new series about looking to the past for fashion inspiration.  First up:  Regency Era Fashion (1795-1837) 

Here are a few distinctions from this time (found here and here):
  • hoop skirts were shed for more delicate silhouettes in plain cottons
  • high hair and hair powder were abandoned for more natural hairstyles 
  • extravagant jewelry and general extravagance were now garish
  • the Empire waist became the most popular style
  • usually made from white lawn, muslin or batiste, Empire-style dresses were named after their influence from flowing Grecian robes
  • white evening gowns were a sign of social status, while pastels were reserved for daytime
  • Grecian and Egyptian-like trim patterns
  • popular accessories were shawls, caps, bonnets, hair combs, reticule handbags, muffs, gloves, cloaks, and flat footwear sometimes adorned with bows

Inspiring at all?  In my book, a little romance while getting dressed is never a bad idea, so I love getting inspiration from films like Pride & Prejudice and Bright Star.  


kate said...

Love this!

Bookish.Spazz said...

OMG. Sometimes I wish I hop into the TARDIS and visit this time period.

Madalyn said...

Ooooh, I like this a lot! Your facts are quite interesting. The Regency Era was such a gorgeous time for fashion. Have you seen the newish (as in 2009 I think) adaptation of Emma? I adored the costumes they had, not to mention that it was a really good series, overall.

Also, I loved Bright Star. So beautiful!