photo diary: mesa, gilbert, & phoenix - ted's visit, day four

Monday was a very happy, but sad day.  Ted and I packed in a lot!  First we went to Downtown Mesa to browse the shops and eat cookies at Sweet Cakes (plus save an indulgent brownie for later).  Next we drove to Gilbert to stop at the Riparian Preserve and stop at my dad's fire station where he's captain.  By this time we were pretty hungry, so we went to the always intriguing Chino Bandido to split a late lunch.  

All the beautiful pictures of cacti were taken at the lovely Desert Botanical Garden.  Since we didn't have the time or heat resilience (115 degrees, you guys) to walk around the whole garden, we convinced the nice ticket lady to let us in for ten minutes to take pictures in the entrance area.  Okay, so maybe Ted did the convincing...  

Finally, we had some dinner at Pizzeria Bianco, which is usually packed, but somehow we walked right in without a reservation.  The airport wasn't too far away from us at this point in our trek.  It was very hard to say goodbye to Ted after a few short days.  Now I have seven weeks ahead of me until I see him next (and go back to Portland).  I'm very thankful he was able to visit though!  

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