four simple goals


This year I wanted to keep my resolution list simple and took a cue from A Beautiful Mess.  Here are my four simple goals for 2013.  

1)  Be happy.   Enjoy each moment without over thinking it.  Stop worrying and obsessing constantly.  Amy wisely said on her blog, "The only thing I can truly control are my actions, and not the outcome of my actions."  I love this, and need to remember this as I try to find my inner peace.  I want to keep a feelings journal to fully understand the things that make me happy and unhappy.

2)  Be healthy.  Explore nature more.  Do yoga (Ted and I are taking a class at school).  Stop complaining about the excessive stairs back up to my dorm (I live on a hill, guys) and frequent walks back and forth from my room to the theatre building.  Eat only foods that make me feel good (and yes, sometimes a cupcake makes you feel awesome).  I want to intentionally do something active at least twice a week and eat something green every meal.

3)  Be brave.  I'm finally realizing that I'm an introvert, which makes it hard to make friends because I tend to keep to myself in social situations.  I want to also stop feeling bad about not wanting to constantly be with other people.  However, I want to make an effort to go out of my comfort zone at least once a month.  

4)  Be confident.  Be less critical of myself.  Be proud of things I do and make.  Know where I am going figuratively (in the future) and literally (directions are not my strong point--even when I know where I am going, I question myself and get myself lost).  Stop doubting myself and my talents.  I want to share more creative outlets on my blog such as crafts, outfits, and designs.

I'm so excited for 2013! I hope you have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve.  ♥


Lizzie said...

Good luck accomplishing these goals! I think it's great that you have four simple ones. :)

Lizzi said...

These are all great goals Kaylie! Best of luck with them! I know you can do it! :)