holidate #1

My roommate Claire had the idea that I should document holiday dates--holidates.  I'm not sure how many will happen with finals looming and everything, but I like the idea nonetheless!

Friday night Ted and I decorated a gingerbread house and watched The Holiday.  Ted was a newbie to both, which made it loads of fun.  We have so much fun being goofy.  I love it.

The next morning we drove to NW 23rd to finally try the limited edition thanksgiving PBJ at PBJ's (it was the last day).  It was delicious and festive... and only one of the three PBJs we split.  We're big fans to say the least.  WE ALSO SAW A DOG PASS US WITH A SANTA HAT AND BEARD.  I love 23rd--so many dogs to squeal over!

We ate the PBJs at Tea Chai Te like we usually do, and got some bubble tea.  They were out of our favorite--lavender--but we made do.  Of course I had to get red and green straws for us...

It was a lovely first "holidate" of the season.  More holiday posts to come (especially since I'm super busy for the next two weeks and will need blogging therapy).

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