home for the holidays part II

1.  Second Christmas with my grandparents this morning.  I love all of our family traditions so much.  We opened up gifts, went on an elf-guided scavenger hunt, ate an awesome spread of food for brunch (!!!!), and I even found both the hidden pickle ornament AND baby Jesus (my dad always hides him from the nativity scene)!  It was a great morning, and I got a ton of lovely gifts from my grandparents.  They know me so well!

2.  Christmas with my family.  After opening presents, we ate some quiche (or egg casserole, as my dad would say), watched A Christmas Story, and stayed in our pjs all day.  What more could you possibly ask for?  It was heavenly.

3.  Christmas Eve with my mom's side.  We always go to Christmas Eve mass and then head over to my aunt's house for dinner.  Some homemade egg nog and chicken parmesan were had, the famous rice crispy wreath devoured, funny holiday stories shared, and the gift card white elephant played.  A great night, indeed!  

4.  Decorating the tree.  My family very nicely waited for me to get home to decorate the tree, but then we were so busy we didn't get to it until Saturday morning.  No matter though--it was wonderful to be a part of the tradition!

5.  Christmas fun at San Tan.  We spontaneously found cheap dresses at Forever 21 (4 dresses for $23-cheap--the red polka dress above was one of the two I got), watched a light show, walked around, went on a horse carriage ride, drank hot cocoa, and enjoyed some fake snow (livin' the desert life).  

6.  Sunday lunch at grandma's.  It's good to be back--enough said.

Hope your holidays were just as lovely!  


Lizzie said...

Yay! I love reading about everyone's different traditions and seeing all the photos taken during the festivities.

Glad you had an awesome holiday. Enjoy the rest of 2012! :)

Bookish.Spazz said...

Woah! Awesome deal on those dresses! And I love your shoes!

studiomaison said...

great pics! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!