resolution recap

This year I made a resolution list that had big and small goals.  See it here

1)  Learn the harmonica  Still waiting on this one.  I always lack motivation in the musical department unfortunately. 

2)  Go camping  Not quite.  But I did do a little hiking and went on  an outdoors trip through school.  Baby steps.  I'm trying!

3)  Apply for a semester abroad  Yes!!!!  I am in the process of applying for the Spring 2014 London trip.

4)  Learn to knit (and not forget)  I did this!  I've even knitted gifts for multiple people already!

5)  Find a summer internship  I worked for a local costumer this summer, which was a great experience.

6)  Attend a concert  I saw Andrew Bird at the Keller with Ted and The Killers with Ted and Rebecca.  Both were awesome, but seeing The Killers was a dream come true!  They were my first band love, afterall.

7)  Learn how to budget $$  I actually really took this one to heart and am now making a huge effort to stay on top of my finances.  Mint helps with this.

8)  Make a short film  NOPE.

9)  Collaborate with friends on a project  Although this is not exactly what I had in mind when I wrote this resolution, I have to say that Rachel's upcoming wedding falls into this category.  I've had so much fun helping her with invitations, engagement photos, crafting, and planning.  If I could be a wedding planner, I'd be pretty okay with that.

10)  Take a class about something I know nothing about  This applies to almost all of my classes, to be honest.  Even when I go into a class thinking I have some kind of grasp on the content, I quickly realize how much I don't know...

11)  Design and make a dress pattern  I haven't done this, but I did do sewing/designing over the summer and designed for my first production at school this fall.

12) Discover a new passion or obsession  Did I find a new passion or obsession this year?  I'm not quite sure.  

Well, that's how my year panned out with resolutions!  Can't wait to make new ones for 2012--I am such a sucker for new beginnings.  


▲my• said...

What a wonderful list! And you accomplished so much of it! I don't even remember what my resolutions were...

Also, I'm seriously thinking of getting mint now! It looks so neat! Is is 100% secure? I'm wary about giving out banking info...

Lizzi said...

Woah. I'm probably going to sign up for that mint thing...

I really need to track my spending.

Also, good job on your resolutions!

Kaylie said...

Yes, it is secure! I haven't had any trouble with it. It is very enlightening.